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Local Business Partners


  • Community Development

  • Housing Development

  • Community and Housing Info. & Incentives

  • Building and Site Selection

  • Financing Alternatives

  • Training Opportunities

  • Business Start-up, Retention, Expansion & Relocation

  • Public Housing (Customized Living Services Available)

    • Oak Court Apartments 110 Sargent St. #1​

  • Housing Choice and Project Based Voucher Program

  • Management of Valley Technology Park (Business Development Center)

Theresa Tahran

Housing Director

Jen Hecht

Housing Specialist

Bill Tate

Maintenance Super (Oak Court)

Tim Froeber

Independent Contractor

Inspections & Maintenance

Kayla Hanson

Project Coordinator

Community Development

Karie Kirschbaum

Executive Director Housing

Community Development Director EDA

The Crookston Housing and Economic Development Authority was established by Resolution of the City Council on August 25, 1987 under Minnesota Statutes, Sections 469.090 to 469.108.

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